Mr. Eachey

My first short-distance Digital Camera shot by Canon 60D!

This is a very cool Bomb iCon which is designed by a friend in my social

UI designing group. His name is Biǎo Mèi.

It's from the classical game Minesweeper .

It looks like a little bit 3D.

Gear Moving

-----NOT GOOD!

Very first time to make a gif animation, cost almost a whole day.

Very complicated when it's getting moving around.



Numeric Control

Flat Design

I have PSD, you may contact me.    #PSD#

Her/His name is Demi!

Hello! The real champion doggy!

The dog head pic was sketched upon the real photo of it!

Everyday  19:00

All in CCTV News!   

See you in there!

Ginkgo leaf

Big black Ant

Red sun... 

Ban ma, ban ma, ma yi, ma yi....

Simple design~!

Very orange!  Mini music player widget.

Pop song < Loving Strangers>





It's the weather bar.

Flat design, colored with O~range.

Simple,but no Hehe, please!



I have a question.

What IS UI design?


My personal introduction.

It's a short simple curriculum vitae.

I am ecpecting for a professional challenging job interview.


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